• We met each other before, haven't we?

    Perhaps we're connected on Linkedin, or someone told you about working with us, or you might be reading my emails occasionally... Why does any of this matter?

    Well, if I told you now that I live&breathe digital marketing ever since 2014. and that I'm a board member of one of the leading US professional education platforms called Data Driven University you might think "Oh man this guy loves to brag" - but you would still believe me, wouldn't you?

    This is a typical example of REMARKETING.

digital marketing uros djunisijevic

Uroš Đunisijević, Data Driven Remarketing

  • Remarketing is fueled by *the* most powerful energizer ever, called TRUST: We believe in each other and we trust each other! E.g. If you said now how bad this design was for overusing BOLD CAPS - I would believe you 100% :)

    And just like in real life - the words matter, but #deedsmattermore

    If you want me to help your business reach the people that already know you (5, 50 or 5,000,000 of them) shoot me an email at uros@bfr.rs

    P.S. To get to know me better, read my thoughts on Youtube ads, or this FB ads post!

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